Hi! I'm Melanie—a graphic designer doing contract work with multi-industry brands, and directing branding and web projects through my studio Mello Design Co. I'm a lifelong learner with an unwavering sense of curiosity that fuels my work. I'm always keeping up with the latest technology and software (beta user of all the AI programs), and continuously expanding my skill set. My passions lie in clean CPG, functional medicine, ecommerce, pasture raised/sustainable farming, wellness, lifestyle, tech, AI, the creator economy/creators, and more. I've been designing for over 12 years and have a dynamic background that lends to being able to tackle all different kinds of work, industries, etc.

If you're a business looking to turn heads with your design, let's connect.
Figma, Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Dimensions, Webflow, Shopify, Spline, Affinity, Klaviyo,  several AI programs, some VR & AR, and Canva if we really need to.
 Slack, Notion, Asana, All of Gsuite, Office, Monday.com, Dropbox, Air, ChatGPT, and a lot more (just ask!)
I'm truly a swiss army knife designer and can adapt to new programs, designing for any channel/format.
Some things I love to do though, are:
brand identity
art direction

web design
growth marketing design

email design

Big fan of making merch that people will actually keep, and will proudly wear.
I also love concepting unique swag ideas / giveaway items / products that really resonate with the audience, and sourcing vendors
print & packaging design
(I have an extensive paperstock, foil, finishing, and inspiration library in my studio and I'm well-versed in different techniques and finishes. Happy to design for print in any regard such as posters flyers etc, but my dream projects would allow me to use exceptional stocks, and multiple passes (like printing, stamping, blind embossing, die cut, etc.) for a truly stunning end result. I also prefer to source the vendor for print and work with them directly, and already have a relationship with several printers.)

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