Helped with concept and ideation for the event. They were giving out swag, so I proposed doing scratch offs to have people win items. I also proposed suncatcher window decals since this was located in Florida. Additionally, we decided on sticker sheets and water bottles for prizes.
Early in the design stage, when concepting water bottles I came up with "maker, teacher, creator" in these playful angled boxes. I wanted something that would really resonate with the people getting these, and how they would identify with it rather than a typical tagline and logo.
I created unique sticker designs, which was really fun to break out of the constraints a bit and really make something people would love to use. We also wanted something that can be translated to GIPHY's and maybe even a filter. The scratch off (and sticker sheet background) are based on Teachable's branding for their podcast, Everything is Teachable, since the event is for podcasters.

Other work:

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