Before and after:
Brief: Develop the brand identity, website, marketing materials, merchandise collection, characters, and other brand elements for successful YouTube Channel Sideserf Cake Studio.
Role: Creative direction, brand identity design, character design + animation, website design, packaging design, email flow design + copywriting, graphic design, apparel design, production design, product naming, pricing and more.
Natalie Sideserf and her husband Dave are true creatives, and their original identity reflected their weird, quirky, creative work, with the identity inspired by Garbage Pail Kids. As their channel and business grew exponentially, their audience shifted from other adult artists to attracting a large amount of kids, as well as brands that wanted to partner, and they needed an update to reflect that.

Our goal was to create an identity that was as fun, creative, inspiring, unique, wholesome, friendly, and approachable and as Natalie & her content (tall order!) as well as something scalable, and embroiderable. I hand-lettered a logo that had movement and organic shapes, representing the green buttercream that oozes between layers of cake. Since their content and their cakes are really colorful, I created a full spectrum secondary color palette and accessible combinations to complement the primary palette that consists of greens and yellows (their signature green buttercream* sandwiched by yellow cake, aptly named of course!)
I created a character of Natalie, which is featured in different poses and animations. One of my favorite parts of this brand are the characters - I proposed some extra brand elements of kawaii-inspired characters of famous past cakes. They look like cute characters, but they break open to reveal they're made of cake! This creates an extra element of surprise and delight, which ties back to what they do so well. The characters evolved to have names and personalities, and now make appearances on their YouTube Videos. One of my other favorite designs: I proposed the design that says 'Nothing is real, it's all cake' to play on the flood of comments that are always in disbelief at Sideserf Cake's talent — and start to question if they too are made of cake.

The web design is fun and full of movement, and features an easy way for brands to partner with them. Within 2 weeks of launch, a fortune 500 company reached out with their new logo side by side with theirs, as a proposition to partner, and they're selling more merch than before, with better margins.

More awesome things are in progress—stay tuned.

As their content went viral, people started posting it without attribution. To give the cakes their own Sideserf Signature, they started using only yellow cake and bright green buttercream! Now, everyone tags them in it and anytime you see it online, you know who's it is. 

See the launch video:

Credits: Gary Kane of Yetibite for heavy metal designs, end screen animation, and collaboration on illustration and lettering.

Other work:

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